Welcome to the Boss Planet Metaverse

Immerse yourself in a digital reality where the impossible becomes possible. Build and Create anything your heart desires, and experience limitless opportunity in your own new virtual universe.

129,600 distinct parcels of land for anyone to own.


Roam free across the Boss Planet Metaverse. Explore other properties and be part of all the incredible experiences created by the community. Go shopping, visit your friend’s penthouse or get your hands on the latest MetaGear! There will never be an end to what you can experience in the Boss Planet Metaverse.


Build like a BOSS and develop the property of your dreams. Create private residences, stores, games, concerts, museums and galleries. Your long awaited opportunity to build the home, business or game you’ve always wanted is finally here.


Non-Fungible Tokens are what allows for absolute ownership of property and assets in a digital world. From the land you build on, to the furniture and decoration you install; everything exists as unique verifiable tokens on the Cardano Blockchain which can be owned, bought and sold!

Boss Planet Token

A digital token accessible to everyone. The Boss Planet Token will be the ubiquitous decentralized currency of our Metaverse, allowing for a fully functional digital economy wherein everyone can freely buy, sell, win and invest.

Into the Boss Planet Metaverse

The ultimate journey awaits. Create, explore, trade and play in a virtual world designed and run by its users.

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