Terms & Conditions

  • “BOSS CAT ROCKET CLUB” is a finite supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated NFTs. “BOSS CAT ROCKET PARTS” consists of 3,333 rocket parts which may be assembled to a total of 1,111 rocket NFTs. “BOSS PLANET” is the metaverse meant to expand and become an extension of reality. It is populated by user controlled avatars, NPCs, interactive digital objects and environments. BOSS CAT ROCKET CLUB, BOSS CAT ROCKET PARTS and BOSS PLANET and its founders and developers are hereinafter referred to as the “BCRC GROUP”. The NFTs and items of the BCRC GROUP run on the blockchain CARDANO and may generally be traded in marketplaces using the cryptocurrency ADA.
  • The BCRC GROUP makes the websites “bosscatrocketclub.com” and “bossplanet.games” available to users without making warranty of any kind. Users are responsible for all transactions made regarding the NFTs and items pertained to in clause [1] above.
  • Users are responsible for the safe use and management of their wallets which they use to store, send and delegate BCRC GROUP NFTs and items. The users understand that the sale and other transactions involving the NFTs and items of the BCRC GROUP are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective marketplaces where they are listed. BCRC GROUP makes no warranty as to the time of delivery, transaction fees, and other factors affecting the transactions in these marketplaces beyond the control of the BCRC GROUP.
  • The users own their respective NFTs. As long as the user retains their NFTs, the BCRC GROUP warrants that it will not prevent the personal use of the NFTs or the creation of derivative works for commercial use based on the NFTs owned by the respective users.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.