Boss Planet Roadmap : 

Boss Planet Roadmap : 

Boss Planet Roadmap : 

Boss Planet Roadmap : 

Boss Planet Roadmap : 

Boss Planet Roadmap : 

Phase One

Phase One

Phase One

Phase One


The official Boss Planet Website launch.

Policy ID & Verifications

Register our unique Boss Planet policy ID and get listed/verified on and

First Boss Planet Mint

Successfully sold out 36,000 properties for a mint price of 60 ADA each.

Phase Two

Phase Two

Phase Two

Phase Two

2022 Q3

Boss Planet Estates

Combine correctly located lots in a 3×3 combination to create your own estate. Estates will have increased utility, construction limits and token reward throughout Boss Planet.

Estate Search Tool

The official estate search tool. Search any property on Boss Planet to find out which neighboring lots can be combined to create an estate!

Interactive Map

Fully interactive map with upgraded Estate search experience. Estate owners will be able to assign any image to their combined property to display on the map.

2022 Q4


Register your personal Boss Planet account to manage all your assets and properties in one place. Your Boss Planet dashboard to connect your wallets holding compatible contents to use in Boss Planet, assign your avatar and edit all your profile details.

2023 Q1

Boss Planet Token & Staking (TBC)

The launch of our highly anticipated Boss Planet Token and the daily token reward staking program.

2023 Q2-Q3

Tech Demo

Exclusive access to an early stage development preview will be made temporarily available to our most loyal members.

2023 Q3

Inventory / Marketplace

All accounts will have an inventory to display and manage all your Boss Planet content. Your inventory will contain both NFTs from your connected wallets as well as all offchain assets essential to the metaverse experience.

2023 Q4

Boss Planet Timezones and Dynamic Weather Systems

The clocks will start ticking in the three distinct Boss Planet Timezones with complete day and night cycles. Dynamic weather systems will autonomously govern the climate across the entire metaverse. Full seasons with rain, wind, snow and storms… more to come on Boss Planet Weather soon!

2024 Q1

Boss Planet Energy Dispensaries

Official partnerships announced to create the necessary dispensaries for all the consumable energy supply in Boss Planet!

2024 Q2

Boss Planet Construction Toolkit

Beta launch of our dedicated platform for building on your own property. Using your Boss Planet account and Inventory, you will be able to start developing your property! The toolkit will also provide quick search access to existing Boss Planet Compatible assets available for purchase. All construction and assembly will incur minor construction fees which will be charged in Boss Planet Tokens.

Avatar Creation Toolkit

Create your own avatar to enter Boss Planet or choose from a selection of free Avatars to get started right away! Choose from existing avatars for sale or create and mint a new avatar using offchain attributes available in the Avatar Creation Toolkit.

Content Creation

Open the Official Submission Form for Boss Planet Content Creators. Get your company approved to become one of our official partners creating verified contents.

Boss Planet Community Content

A dynamic searchable marketplace for all Boss Planet digital content. Filter by brand, type, price and popularity! Everything you need to build and decorate your property all in one place.

2024 Q3

Additional Partners

Additional collaborations and official partners to be announced shortly before our Grand Alpha Launch for the BCRC community.

Boss Planet Alpha V2

The official launch of Boss Planet Alpha V2 for open to all Boss Planet and BCRC asset owners for testing.

…More on the future of Boss Planet and the Metaverse coming soon!